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I'm glad you take a look around <3


I may be a bit chaotic, but i won't bite. No worries :iconluvluvplz:

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Apr 22, 2014
3:08 am
Apr 22, 2014
1:53 am
Apr 21, 2014
6:12 pm
Apr 21, 2014
12:49 pm
Apr 21, 2014
7:18 am

How the title fits to Easter right now:iconenglandgiggleplz:

Anyway, i am Fully back now pals. Not only by saying, but also via feeling. I had quite a unarty phase. Probably because i had so much to do and in the end, gaming wasn't in need of to much thinking. 

There happened a lot of good things and some bad ones, but i feel pretty confident about that last days and that everything is having a better way now.
Firstly, i went sick and i made the mistake to push me through the last days of school. I made it - made it through 13.2 and now have just the finials ahead of me. I will start learning the upcoming weak and since i am all at home, time will be enough for learning and studying. :iconstudytimeplz:
I suppose. 

But for special i made 2 Dreams for me just came true.
First one: 13/15 Points in  Art on the school certificate, 
Second one: 13/15 Points in History on the school certifacte. Both are a mark 1(-)
Enough to be happy for me, it is even more then i ever thought i could do.
And i feel finally like the Nerd in History i like to be <3

Work search will continue, and i hope that the company i wish to work for will say yes to me, because it will offer me - if everything goes well - so many doors and opportunities, that start thinking about what will be possible for me is making my head steam :iconamgimcryingplz:
I could for example live ways more near my Honey, or maybe even, since company has a store there, even in honeys town. 
But that is daydreaming. Even more near would make me so happy. For special since the company supports moving for the work. 
I just hope that it won't be the same of what i did yesterday. I took a 1-Day Workday on my mums workplace (Car dealership from Ford, Landrover and Kia). Because i felt like doing nothing but my mum said i did more work and better one like her fellow. I mean i did what where given to me, but after the first two-three hours my mum said me that i did what would be her work for the whole day and nothing would be to do anymore except waiting for customers. 

If there is anything that i hate, then having nothing to do at work :iconlinkwtffplz:
I may be the laziest person on earth when i am at home, but if i am on work i wanna work and not sit around! 

But enough spamming about that for you guys, lol. 
Anyway, i finished Alan Wake finally (and Alan wakes American Nightmare) and thanks to honey i am able to play Thi4f now. (I think i still feel her hate for that from the last days, lol. Poor hun' :iconmedichurrplz:)
In Addition i wanna change my Art style now. I tried out various ways of shading (thanks to some comments on my latest poll. Yes you, you can feel pretty now, since i thank to YOU :iconheavyisokwiththisplz:
I wanna become a bit more messy and fluid with my style. Which dosnt mean there will be no linearted pieces in future. But it can't be that i work on 1 goddamn lineart a half day. There is something wrong with that. There is a lot wrong with that. At least i feel so. And there is something i will change about that.
As much as it can happen that i will be drawing a full comic. I feel like it, because i love the characters of the story i think i wanna take for it.
And i know honey will love it to. I know she will. It is so sure like that it rains or that Spycrabs are an endangered species.

And yes, i am a bit obsessed about team fortress two lately. I firstly spycrabbed my own together with :icontrollkaruby: and would do it ANYTIME again.
Btw pals out there, if anyone of you is a TF2 player out there and would be interested in a nice round together, against each other or whatever, feel free to give me a sign. 
Dat little pyro here burns to play with you pals :iconpyrolaplz:

Next to it, i came back to facebook and it will happen that i really will use it. So if you are interested in WIP's and other side informations, check out:
Feel free to like, befriend me, what ever you feel like.

And now its time to finally go back to Sai.
Or to Burn some Spies.
Or rob the Stonemarket Bank.
Or whatever the day will bring me!

Quote of the day:
God bless us everyone
We're a broken people living under loaded gun
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  • Playing: 7 Days to die // Team Fortress 2 // Thi4f
  • Eating: Unhealthy fast crap
  • Drinking: Ice tea lemon


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Any tips what i should work on my art & any tips for HOW to do it? 

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Electroschlampe Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Llamaaaaaaaaaaaa danke xD
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MelonPop-Nindou Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh man, happy birthday! c:
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heey happy birthday!
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