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July 16, 2013
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How i do Linearts (For Sai) by RosiArts How i do Linearts (For Sai) by RosiArts
Edit: Offering a free lineart for training purpuses now :iconallensmileplz:
you can find them here:

:icontenshi--hikari::iconsaysplz: "I WANT A TUTORIAL ON HOW YOU DO LINES OR SMTH :I"
:iconrosiarts::iconsaysplz: :iconbeardstrokeplz:

Okay now seriously. Here you go with my first made tutorial (ignore 90% of the pink, dumb and senseless scribbles :iconoohcatplz:)
Its about linearting... with sai. Omg i never did this before :iconcherenblush6plz:

I mean, if this helps you, i am happy, if its not and confuses you, do ask! I answer every question (even the silly ones)
Please don't ask how i did with the coloring.
Lets hope u like it Light, it was quite a work but the end picutre was worth it.
Done with paint tool sai and Photoshop (for the fonts stuff)
Done inside 4 hours and with quite good musik.
Please do not upload as your own ect. pp.

And yes i know the harpy is fucked up with anatomy i just copuldn't help using her as victim for this tutorial. :iconhappysobbuplz:

Since omg, over 5000 Views and people looking every day on it have some selfish advertisment here :icondafuqsnapeplz:

Asterion - Sword of Dawn Chapter 01 - Blue Roses"Once upon a time, there was a young prince. He was blessed by the gods with beauty, by his parents with money, and thanks to that he had the spirit of a rebel. This prince never calmed down, and he always tried to find the best adventures. He fought in the wars of his father, climbed mountains and was always running after the most beautiful girls of his country. Of course the king and the queen didn't like that. He wanted him to get married and settle down, since the king grew sick over time."
"What sickness was it? Was it a bad one?" broke in the sweet voice of a young girl. It made the narrator smile, before he continued.
"Yes, it was a bad one. The king suffered from a sickness, which lasted a long time for humans and had a deadly end. But no worries, they aren't dangerous for us anymore. Since they lived in the time where the humans were separated in smaller kingdoms, it was indeed a problem. You may know that each country was different, and so the people were too. The people of t
  Asterion - S.o.D. - Chapter 02: The great CouncilSileria tried to hid a smile, when Somnus just opened the door and mentioned her to go in first. He was like he was, so she thought. Unlike the others of his kind, a true gentleman through heart. All other Councilors seemed already here. Somnus needed not even to take a look around through the high, round hall.
"Seems like the parenting kid and chick Onewing finally came."
"Thanks for the welcoming, king Rude."
He replied Jazeur with his normal distant kindness. What else could they expect from a demon? The most he saw were pig rude and for his kind, this one even was nice if you could understand what he meant with his words. His self confidence was perfectly  to see through his movements. Bored and with wide spread legs he sat there on his throne made of volcanic glass and gold. Only in shoes and Black leather pants, he dared to show his well trained body. Though the abnormal greenish hair and the silver horns even he looked special for a demon. His glowing eyes followed
 The Game :C.E.: by RosiArts Fraction Seals of Asterion by RosiArts

Please check out the rest of the Gallery. I approve a constructive critique more then a fav, since they help me improving. Thanks a lot. :iconlokiapprovesplz:
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springheel Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
What I am loving of this program is the almost incredible degree of control you get (oncrements of 0.5 on brush width, for instance) and the really subtle variation in depth of color: I swear that in some aspects is superior to Photoshop!
RosiArts Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
To be honest, i use it for other purposes more then Photoshop.
Photoshop is a program for working with photos mainly.
Sai is directly a drawing program. Surely, photoshop has tons of nice features, but they make it stuffed and confusing (for me) and the most things, people do with "supernices photoshopbrushes" can be done with hand and a simple paint tool too.
The brush settings with 0.5 at sai can be super nice, but i try to work with minimum size of 5 pixel at my brush. The reason for this is the fact, that under 5 Pixel sai can't produce anymore a effect i used to use for linearts (i don't do them anymore, but it is still important for other artists).
This may be a good thing for special for pixel artists, but for me, the 0.5 brush width is quite unimportant.
What is important is the fact, that it really has a better color variation. I just love the color wheel.
springheel Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
I have had my CS3 for years... and still I am discovering things!

I fully agree with color variation: it's simply fabulous!

I also aim to 5 pixels in my brushes, except when I want to fill an area, where easily I can switch to 19 or more: controls are also more comfortable than in PS.

Haven't tried texting yet (here I am using only PS) and it would be interesting what can I do. I recently finished the translation of a graphic novel called SWIPE to Spanish; all text was typed inside the dialogue balloons with it
syiiadex Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
cAN u do this without a tablet
RosiArts Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
I don't think so, because I used the pressure function of my tablet for the strokes. If there is a way without, i don't know it at the moment. 
HappyKonny Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Can you make with Sai a transparent background, so you can upload the lineart, so that others can color it?
RosiArts Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014
You mean the ones of the bird or in general?

For the harpy example, i have to excuse, because i saved them wrongly. But i can offer to make some linearts for free use, if you wish?

For in general: I think yes, since there is a sai version called 1.1.0 which offers the chance to do transparent background.
If you don't know if you have it...
try to save your file as png and if it ask you for 24 or 32 bpp then press for 32 bpp and you will get transparent background :3
HappyKonny Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I meant general ^~^

Thank you very much! I don't have 1.1.0 though =c
But, I try to get it, maybe my brother has that version =D

Thank you nevertheless ^o^
RosiArts Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014
I see, but i am happy that i could help you XD
I have both here, but switching is mostly a pain in the ass :C 
Btw, you maybe should try to look out for the new sai version. Sai is going to have a huge update. it's still untranslated, but even can handle fonts then :D 
Blackwolf78 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
For some reason I don't have the pen tool :l
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