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November 5, 2012
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Hello guys :D

EDIT: Deadline was set to 4.2.2012!!! So you guys have more time for submitting your pieces. I will do a new seperated Journal with the participants soon. Too a new prize was added to the listn + featuring is only optional if you want to enter.
I would also like when you fav this journal only if you are thinking about entering. Its confusing for me and a work to run to all who fav and dont comment to ask them if they want or not~ :icononistressplz:

Since the poll has a quite good result and i got enough prices i decided to open the Contest for real.

... Introducing the Design Contest of the Seven!

Illuria is the only Land with a high ranged Civilisation. Because of their skills with magic - the power of the gods - they are used to have a nice, sweet live in peace. Magic is not a real weapon, more then a tool for the daily work, or for building the most impressive buildings, inventions and even streetlamps by using glowing crystals.
No country without a leader.
Sure, Illuria has his queen, but a woman in a tree can't rule a Country where all races are living together.
Dragons, Angels - even Demons. All have other Opinions and thoughts. How do you manage that?
With a Council!

And thats the point where YOU are coming in.

There are 6 Masters of the Council. And all of them need a DESIGN
Wait - i said seven?
Right. Also the Queen is open for you!
All you have to do is to DESIGN at least one of the Council Members. You can do more of them, if you want.
The more would give you maybe a bigger chance of winning.

I'll not judge you by Art quality - i will judge you by CREATIVITY & DESIGN.
So everyone has a chance to win!
Also everyone will win in this contest, so nobody is going back with getting nothing for your effort :iconsmartyplz:
But to the prices later.


If you enter, you have to accept this rules. There are not too hart to handle. But if not, i will not accept your entries. :iconwhipplz:

First: No Art stealing. You have to do your own Original Design made with your imagination. Gettin' inspired is okay, but no copying of Designs!
Second: No using of old art. Because other ones work hard on their designs to. ~
Third: Pictures have to be fullbody, since the task is to DESIGN. So no half work stories, ok?

With entering you give me permission to use this designs, since you will do them for me. Don't worry, i will credit you all for it, but its not logical if you do them for this contest and design the chars of my story and am not allowed to use them in the end... :iconmiseryplz:

The Task

Your Task is, to Design at least one of the Council members of Illuria. All are Members of the High society and also well skilled in at least one kind of Magic arts and are able to use one Weapon very good.
All of them are Illurian people, so they have a magic crystal inside their body. Shape and colour varies to the magic the owner uses.
Example: Sayuri is a Illurian made by :iconshadowwolfsera:. She is a Healing/Water mage and her Crystal (they are called sarum) is shaped like a bloody drop.
It can very where the Stone is placed into the body. The colour varies with the use of Bright (Positive) or Dark magic. Bright magic gives the Sarum a more brighter Colour, the other one more Dark.

But enough from that side information. More you should know between who you could choose!

The Queen.
She is a normal human woman, but her body was bound into a tree. She did this to herself. Had deep reasons, to much to tell here and not needable to know. She is for her people like a Saint and a holy mother in one person. With time, her Hair turned to green, like her eyes. Strange marks covers the parts of the body, which are outside of the tree. Most time she is silent. It looks like she would sleep. If she awakes, so most time something important happens or will happen. She has no Sarum, since she is the one who creates that stones.

The Great Council.
The council is made by people who represent their fractions of races. The Fractions are Sakkral, Abyssal, Dragons, Humans, Spirits, and the rest.

Including everything from lower Angels up to Seraphim. Those are living on the Sacred Grounds, a crowd of flying Islands covered in Clouds. No one knows where they are, only those servants of the gods herself. Its said they live in the Stage between the Gods and the Mortals. The body of Sakkral stop aging between the 20-35 year. it stays the same then until they die by a Sword or other forces. They don't die by aging, since they are connected to the gods themselfes.
The Council Master of the Sakkral is the High Priestess Siluria Luman. She is one winged, since she was attacked by a Abyssal Demon. Like every Sakkral she has featherlike ears. Her hair is long and Blonde, also her eyes are blue.

Demons, Devils, Zombies, Lich, Ghosts... every kind of those "undead" and Unholy creatures are Living in the Stage between Mortals and the realm of the God Thanathos. Like the Sakkral, they only die by force, but other as them, they are mostly arrogant and just like a demon or zombie has to be.
The Council Master of the Abyssal is a High ranged Demon / Devil and some kind of an arrogant asshole. At least most the time. He knows what Honor has to be and how to rule his own empire in his way without getting the peasants angry. His hair is Black, the eyes are red, and he often looks arrogant and suprior. He wears most time high rank clothes like a King would. He has Horns and a long wirelike tail with bony end. If you have some Creative name for him, you can earn more "points".

Just like you and me and all those idiots outside in the world (Lil joke ;). The Council Master of Human is called Victor Crux. His magic skills are lower then the ones of the other Council Masters, but he is a Master with the sword. He is the most skilled Swordfighter in whole Illuria. Some humans say, he is the best in the whole world. If you do him, you have to give him an arrogant look. It is needed because i described him and have him in my head like a character which "you just have to look
at and know he is a completly asshole and douchebag".

Spirit is just a word to sum up all kind of Races who feel themselve near to the nature. Elves, fairies, Elemental spirits, mermaids, all stuff like that. The Council Master has to be the Queen of one of those Races, is more a natural magic type and some kind woman. She too still need a name, so you can come up with + points here too.

Dragons have a special place in Asterion. They are Creatures made by the Gods themselves. They were normally the only people who could use magic without a Sarum. But one of this stones is pushing up their skills widely. Most dragons are veeery arrogant and have a hate against the humans because of various conflicts and some kind of jealusy. Dragons are split into pure Dragons and Fake Dragons. The pure one are the High society, have special abilitys and have naturally a big package of pride inside their asses. Also they are watcher about the big libary. A place where every knowledge of every time and every race is keeped. Before the Events of Chapter 1 ( it was Neas Somnus Custos, who was the Council Master. After them, they is a new one, maybe a more "Anti-human" Dragon needed. If you choose to design this, you will have to do the "Human like" Shape" and the Dragon shape too. The Human like one is just like a Kenomimi (or how they are called), so a human with Dragon like features. (be creative! :heart:)

The Neutral one:
This last one is free. Totally free. It can be from any race, and to be true: I don't even know it by myself. This places is open for any races, voted by the Illurian lower Council to represent the fraction of the country itsself. I would like it to be a female, since i want a 3 - 3 in the council with the genders. You HAVE to give me a name here. xP

After all this long text, which i hope you survived, here are maybe the more important points for you:

You can enter this Contest until the 2.4.2012.

First: Feature this Journal in at least one way (Journal, poll, signature, something like that)
Second: Comment that you want to enter and show me also the link to the Feature.
Third: Draw and finish the picture before the deadline is killing you (:iconwhipplz: Mwahahaha!)
4th: Show me the finished picture, lean back and wait until everything is over and you may recieve your prizes.

Oh btw. Are we talking about PRIZES?
Like said in the title: Its much to win here.
At first: EVERY participant will recieve at least one free Sketch & a feature on my DA page & Tumblr from me.
So every body will win. But you cant choose if this sketch will be fullbody, waist up or headshot. It will be by chance and my creativity / how i like what i have to draw.

The other prizes are:

First Place

By RosiArts
Free Commisson
1 Year Premium membership

By Collector73
Full body Chibi (Digital | Colored)
Half body Normal style (Digital | Colored)
Headshot (Digital | Colored)

By TrollkaRuby
Fullbody Colored

By Kumotogi
Custom Design

Second Place

By RosiArts
2 Flat colored Linearts
2 Sketches

By Collector73
Fullbody Chibi (Digital | Colored)
Half body Normal style (Traditional | Not colored)

By TrollkaRuby
Colored Bust

By Kumotogi
Free Lineart

Third Place

By RosiArts
3 Free Sketches (Waist up)

By Collector73
Half body Normal style (Traditional | Not colored)

By TrollkaRuby
Colored Bust

By Kumotogi
Free Lineart

Ps: If i get enough points, then Second and Third place will recieve a 6 Month and a 3 Month Membership from me too :3
I would also like if you could donate some prices to. Spread the love!



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